Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Simply Orange

Alaranjado, Sinaasappel, Arancio,  Anaranjado...

"Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow." 
Wassily Kandinsky

Garance Dore
The orange & white vichy pumps . Miu Miu. 

Where is the cool
Orange & concrete.

The black workshoop
The spiritual orange. Brahmacaris.

Where is the cool
That orange box.

The street fashion 5xpro
The orange jacket.

The street fashion 5xpro
Two orange bikes.

The street fashion 5xpro
 The bright touch of orange.

A pop of orange can work effortlessly as a statement color.    

honest cooking

 The crispy shrimps.

The orange burst of energy...

Mitchell News
The orange warning.

Orange & beautiful women.

The orange.

The autumn oranges

My little belly
The smoked salmon.

Vintage Scrapbook

The orange clutch.

The orange attitude.

The quest for signature style

The orange  end.

Big hugs!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Classy Stripes...

...Rayures, Listras, Strepen, Bande, 
Streifen, Rayas...

crush cul de sac
A zebra cannot change it´s stripes...
Una cebra no puede cambiar su rayas...

Horizontal or vertical stripes.
Rayas horizontales o verticales.

The striped shirt.
La camisa rayada.

where is the cool
The striped Mercedes.
El Mercedes con rayas.

Two striped dresses.
Dos vestidos rayados.

The long sleeved t-shirt.
La camiseta de mangas largas.

Coco Chanel & Pablo Picasso. The classic striped french sailor shirt.
Coco Chanel & Pablo Picasso. La clásica camisa a rayas marinera francesa.

Bella Illusione

The zebra crossing. 
El paso de cebra.

To dress yourself. To decorate spaces.
Para vestirte. Para decorar espacios.

The sartorialist
Striped matching friends.
Amigas con rayas haciendo juego.

Black on white...or white on black...
Negro sobre blanco...o blanco sobre negro...

The round necked striped pullover.
El suéter rayado de cuello redondo.

Bright Bazaar
Bright Bazaar
The striped streets.
Las calles con rayas.

The mix of prints and stripes.
La mezcla de rayas y estampados. 

You can´t go wrong with stripes...
No puedes equivocarte si usas rayas...

Doctor Macro

...or maybe you can...
...o tal vez puedes...

Big hugs!
¡Grandes Abrazos!


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Classy Caramel

Karamell, Caramella, Caramelo...

There is just something about this color that looks so incredibly chic.

My Blue Canoe

Caramel leather boots & bag.


Caramel color dining table. Dinner & friends.


The perfect chair.

Vineet kaur
The caramel clutch.

bella illusione

Gorgeous caramel hair color...

Caramel bag & Ray Ban wayfarers.


Caramel sweetness.


Caramel fur.

the sartorialist

The oversized caramel jacket that falls perfectly…

Solid Frog

The vintage caramel colored glass bottle.


Sexy caramel skin.


Caramel leather. Le Corbussier Lc2.

The coat… warm and lovely caramel.

Va-nilla B.

My personal weakness. Milk caramel "rogel". Absolutely delicious!

(I feel an "alfajor rogel" recipe post coming on...)

Big Hugs!