Thursday, August 9, 2012

Simply White Pants...

...Pantalon Blanc, Witte Broek, Calças Brancas, Weiße Hosen, λευκό παντελόνι, Pantaloni Bianchi, 白色的裤子, Pantalones Blancos...

When we talk about rules and traditions we should know there are old rules, outdated rules, classic rules, indispensable rules, and then there are silly rules...
Cuando hablamos de reglas y tradiciones debemos tener en cuenta que existen viejas reglas, reglas anticuadas, reglas clásicas, reglas indispensables, y también reglas tontas...
...Hence, BREAK THE RULES! wear white pants the entire year, an absolute essential...
...Por lo tanto, ROMPE LAS REGLAS! usa pantalones blancos durante todo el año, un esencial absoluto...

Hutton flare jeans in Santorini white.

Yep! you can wear white pants throughout the year. Despite the color, they’re not strictly a piece of summer clothing.
Sip! puedes usar pantalones blancos a lo largo del año. A pesar del color, no son estrictamente una pieza del vestuario de verano.

Even if white pants are generally seen more throughout the summer...
Incluso si los pantalones blancos se ven más durante el verano...

...or during the end of spring...
...o durante el final de la primavera...

...if you're a really stylish fellow, then wearing white pants in winter might not be completely out of place. And you can even still end up looking great. tu eres una persona con estilo, entonces usar pantalones blancos en pleno invierno puede no resultar completamente fuera de lugar. Y puedes incluso terminar viéndote genial.


When wearing white pants you're going to want to keep a few specific things in mind...
Cuando uses pantalones blancos, debes tener en mente algunos datos específicos...


Whatever the season, combine crisp white pants and navy, you can't go wrong with this classic duo.
Cualquiera sea la temporada, combina blanco con azul marino, no puedes equivocarte con este dúo clásico. 

Jeans, Ever. Shirt, Forever21

...they also look perfect with different shades of gray...
...también lucen perfectos con distintos tonos de gris...

...and of course with camel, absolutely chic!...
...y por supuesto con camel, ¡absolutamente elegante!...

Aymeline Valade

...and with a denim shirt and that black leather jacket, well that's stylish!
...y con una camisa tejana y esa chaqueta de cuero negra, bueno ¡eso es estilo!

White pants are timeless, versatile, minimalistic, simple, sleek and relaxed, like the one worn above by "The King of Cool" himself, Steve McQueen in the late 60s or the gorgeous and unforgettable Ali MacGraw.
Los pantalones blancos son intemporales, versátiles, minimalistas, simples, elegantes y relajados, como los que usa el mismísimo "rey de lo cool", Steve McQueen a finales de los 60s o la hermosa e inolvidable Ali MacGraw.

BUT...Yes! there is always a but...if black is a safety color then white is the epitome of a fashion “risk,” because well-fitting white pants can be really hard to find.
PERO...¡Sí! siempre hay un el negro es un color seguro entonces el blanco es el epítome de lo "riesgoso" en moda, porque los pantalones blancos y de buen calce pueden ser muy difíciles de encontrar.

My three advices:
1- White pants can be a little unforgiving, opt for a slightly more relaxed fit...
2-Learn what NOT to wear under your white pants!!!
3- Just relax! to make white pants cool, treat them as urban basics, which means 
getting them dirty!
Mis tres consejos:
1- Los pantalones blancos pueden ser bastante implacables, opta por un ajuste un poco más holgado...
2-¡¡¡Aprende qué NO usar debajo de tus pantalones blancos!!!
3-¡Relájate! para que tus pantalones blancos se vean geniales, trátalos como básicos urbanos, lo que significa ¡¡¡ensuciarlos!!! 

Adolfo Cambiaso. Argentine polo player. 10-goal handicap.

Polo. Argentine Open at Palermo. Ellerstina vs. La Dolfina

If there's one lesson about it, to learn from polo players, it's how high-voltage sexy scuffed white denim can look. Pristine looks too shop-window looks dummy. This is 2012, so bleach white is out!!!
Si hay una lección sobre el tema que aprender  de los polistas, es como un jean blanco y gastado puede verse de alto voltaje y atractivo. Los aspectos muy limpios y de escaparate se ven falsos. Estamos en 2012, ¡¡¡el blanqueador ya no va más!!! 

Regardless, every time I suggest my hubby he should wear white pants, he just laughs and replies with this quote from Greg Proops:
Sin embargo, cada vez que le sugiero a mi maridito que debería usar pantalones blancos, él se ríe y me contesta con esta frase de Greg Proops:

"White pants should be worn on two occasions: 
One, never. 
And two, if you're selling ice cream."
"Los pantalones blancos solo deberían usarse en dos ocasiones: Una, nunca. Y dos, si estás vendiendo helado."

However, I think we can all agree that there is not such a thing as an inappropriate clothing piece if you know how to make it work. It’s all about imagination and having a modicum of fashionable flare...
De todas formas, creo que podemos estar de acuerdo en que no existe ninguna prenda inapropiada si sabes cómo hacerla funcionar. Todo está en la imaginación y en tener un módico sentido de la moda... 

What do you think?
¿Qué te parece?

Big hugs!



  1. Me encantan! Son súper elegantes!

    Loewe y leopardo en

  2. Oh, I agree. The heck w/ the rules. I make my own rules. Who are these people who try to dictate what we should wear anyways? I am completely in love w/ the outfit of the white jeans, boots and blazer (the umbrella photo) - think I will have to recreate that look this autumn!! ox

    1. I agree, Debbie, she look so stylish, but again, she always do!!!....and she rarely follow the rules!Hehe!!!
      Big hugs, darling!

  3. Me gustan mucho, mucho los pantalones blancos, especialmente en polistas!!!:p
    Qué lindo blog, Inés!

    1. A mí también, especialmente después del partido, cuando no se ven tan blancos! ;)
      Besos, Daniela!

  4. I gave up my white pants!!! the reason, whenever I choose to wear a piece of white clothing, it somehow becomes the day I am served spaghetti for dinner or walk into someone holding a glass of red wine. It's hard to me to be carefree in white, but I like your great third advice Inez, I MUST RELAX MYSELF!!!
    Have a lovely weekend!

    1. I have the same problem Beatrice! It always wondered me the people who can wear impeccable white clothes and remind spotless!!!

  5. Hi Ines,

    Your husbands comment is so funny! I agree, if worn at the right time and with style, almost anything goes.. mo matter what age :) I have J Brand white jeans and really like them. As you've recommended, I have chosen a more relaxed fit. Living in Seattle means LOTS of mud and rain.. so I have to be careful with the weather forecast.. although I would say a little scuffing is no problem :) I like the wide legged or bell-bottom style for the Fall and Winter months.

    Have a nice weekend!


    1. I´m convinced that is all about attitude...but in rainy days white pants could be a challenge, even with tons of attitude!!!!!
      Big hugs, Leslie!

  6. ami me chiflan los pantalones blancos, me parecen geniales, tanto en invierno como en verano, pero es lo que tu dices, con cuidado!(:

  7. Im with you! I love them with black boots and blazers! Happy weekend Ines?

    1. You too, Karlita. Have a wonderful one:)
      Hugs, dear!

  8. Es verdad!! Deberíamos usarlos todo el año porque quedan genial! El problema es si llueve y tal que se ensucian solo con mirarlos!! jejeje

    Saludos desde 'Me visto solo' [Man] -

    1. Tenés razón, con lluvia son más que un desafío...sobre todo para la lavadora!

  9. Oh, yeah, Ali McGraw...casual, natural gorgeousness. Thanks for the reminder, makes me want to read and watch Love Story again!

    Have an amazing weekend, lovely Ines!

    1. That was my same thought, Rosa. I truly adore her though.
      Big hugs!

  10. I love white pants though I don't wear them often... Handy pieces of advice you 've got here!

  11. Those French Voguettes do it best, and I think that it's them who made the white pant comeback into street style!

    Lovely post as usual!!! xx

    1. Probably you are right, Arden...they certainly impose tendency in fashion!!!

  12. I like your second advise Ines, learn what NOT to wear under your white pants!, underwear is just not something I am prepared to share with the world. LOL:D


  13. I agree, style has no rules and wearing white pants throughout the year must not be a big deal.

  14. They say that white is the colour of summer. I just am inlove with white jeans during winter time. All this purity standing in the cold weather. And as for the polo player for Argentina team...........He is sooooooooooooo beautiful. Do u know him????(personally i mean)...
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

    1. I wish, Margaret, I wish...He's Adolfo Cambiaso, and even if I don't know him personally, I can tell you he is happily married and he is father of two!!!, but I agree he is soooooooo beautiful!
      Big hugs, dear!

  15. I usually wear white pants during summer..... But I'll follow you, I'm going to wear them in autumn and winter as well! In the right way, of course!

  16. Great how-to-wear tips! Love a great pair of crisp white pants for girls or guys. Hope you enjoyed the weekend! xo style, she wrote

  17. totally agree! white denim can make a whole outfit pop, doesn't it? hope u had a nice weekend! x

  18. Jaja toda la razón! Creo que, como muchos otros, siempre relacioné el blanco con el verano y el navy, pasando por encima de un montón de posibilidades! Mis favoritos son sin duda el blanco y el camel, se ve absolutamente precioso y muy elegante.
    La palabra japonesa del día está un poco fome ("pantsu" para pantalones), así que, mejor te dejo un equivalente para blanco: SHIROI!
    Saludos bella :)