Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Simply Numbers...

...Nombres, Zahlen, Numeri, Aantallen, Números...

Granted, some moments call for numbers. Numbers do carry value. But the numbers do not tell the whole story...
Seguramente algunos momentos piden números. Los números tienen valor. Pero los números no cuentan toda la historia...

ANZ Centre. Fabio Ongarato Design

...We use numbers to determine addresses...
...Usamos números para determinar direcciones...


...We use printed numbers,to define a style...
...Usamos números impresos para definir un estilo...

...Or to personalize an accessory...
...O para personalizar un accesorio...

Retro Alarm Dock

We use numbers to organize our day...
Usamos números para estructurar nuestro día...


...To identify members of our team... 
...Para identificar los miembros de un equipo... 


...To organize and to accommodate...
...Para ordenar y organizar...

...To locate ourselves or them...
...Para ubicarnos y ubicarlos...


...To add that extra touch to a space...
...Para dar carácter a un ambiente...

via interiorsporn

...As a small detail in the kitchen...
...Como un pequeño detalle en la cocina...

...Or in the home office... 
...O en el escritorio, en casa...


Nina Broberg

...Or even as a main focus in the living room...
...O incluso como foco de atención en un estar...

...Numbers can have a huge graphic impact...
...Los números pueden tener un gran impacto gráfico...

Giovani Pintori, 1949
Olivetti poster.

...And create inspiration to artists... 
...Y constituir un medio de inspiración para el arte...

Steve McQueen

...Sometimes, we use numbers to identify ourselves, or them...
...A veces usamos cifras para identificarnos, o identificarlos...

...And other times, we allow these numbers to take control. We allow these digits not only to take on a personality of their own, but to take ours too.
...Y otras veces , dejamos a esos números tomar el control, dejamos no solo que esas cifras tomen una personalidad propia, sino que tomen la nuestra también...

... and sometimes this works out perfectly...
...Y a veces esto funciona muy bien...


Measuring Tape
Cinta Métrica

... and other times it may end up very badly... 
...Y otras veces puede terminar muy mal...

How easy it is to sink into the numbers and let these metrics become our very identity. We start to count our worth as we count our numbers.
Qué fácil es quedarse en los números, y permitir que éstos se transformen en nuestra identidad. Empezamos a contar lo que valemos según las cifras que nos miden...



We are bigger than the numbers. Who we are and why we matter is so much more than just numbers.
Somos más que números. Quiénes somos y porqué valemos es mucho más que simples números.
Our value lies not in the numbers. It’s in the who and the how and the what!
Nuestro valor no esta en el 'cuánto', ¡sino en el quién, cómo y qué!
We are people, people with stories. We’re people whose actions matter. Love matters. Life matters.  What we do in and around and through the numbers matters.
Somos personas, personas con historias. Lo que hacemos importa, el amor importa, la vida importa. Lo que hacemos alrededor y a través de los números importa. 
You matter. You are bigger than the sum of some digits.
Tú importas. Eres más que la mera suma de cifras.
Give the numbers their due. But remember how much more of the story there is...
Dales a los números su valor. Pero recuerda cuanto más de la historia hay...

And you...what do you think?.
Y a ti...¿qué te parece?.

Big hugs!



  1. I have never thought about all the things related to numbers! of course we matter more than any kind of number. I don't think I would add a number to my decoration, numbers somehow stress me!

    1. Haha!, I understand you, Karlita...Me?...I love numbers!, I have definitively a nerdish side...
      Big hugs, sweetie!

  2. What a beautiful post, Inez, and so many unique ways of displaying numbers!

    1. Thank you!, dear...glad you like it...

  3. I love how your observe everything around you, Ines. Your posts always make me reflect on the images rather than just quickly glance through the post. Wonderful, as always. :) Thank you so much for your sweet comment, dear.

  4. what a great post- I don't own a scale or watch- Don't need them, so in those regards I don't let the numbers dictate-
    I do have a house number- and a phone number- both are important to get in touch with me!

    1. I agree, your phone number and your house number are important to you now, and those, will change over the years, and you'll have other numbers...haha!, you know?, I really like numbers...

  5. Me encanta el post! un besazo!


  6. I adore this posts and so into numbers lately too. That tee is making smile :)

    1. Ana, glad you like it!! Btw: I totally fancy that tee well.

  7. Again, the way you always express the deepest thougths through words and images blows me away! Each post is very unique! Can't get enough of them!
    Now, to the point...I totally agree with you: In our society, we cannot underestimate the importance and value of numbers (as, for instance, unit of measurement of TIME and MONEY...let's face it, we ALL need those!) However, WE CANNOT BE DEFINED BY THOSE AS HUMAN BEINGS. The moment we get stuck in our 'numbers' and cannot see further than that, I think we start missing beautiful things. 'Numbers', not as a unit of measurement, but as a 'defining parameter' can certainly become a tramp: judging someone by the $$$ they have, or taking a decision based on hitting certain age...Thanks Inés for making us think! So inspiring! Muahhhhh!

    1. Elsa, those comments are really conscientious. I love all your points of view:)
      Big Hugs, dear!

  8. Also, thanks for your insightful comment! It helped me a lot! :) xoxo

  9. What a great post...you see the world very creatively, I like that!

  10. Brava! You always post wonderful photos and give me the chance to think about....... Numbers.....at the time being they are necessary in my life, when u have kids starting for the very beginning (weight, milk's quantities) and then when they go at school (time schedule, vote) you always look at numbers!!

    1. That's so true!...and it's a one way road!
      Big hugs, dear!

  11. so unique. numbers relax me for some reason. xoxo


    1. Me too, Becks...I've loved numbers since I was two or three...

  12. Such a cool post. Never really gave numbers much thought. Love them used in decor! xo

  13. I love you blog. And this post is amazing! I hope that you visit me :)


  14. thank you so much* I'll follow you too

  15. Gotta love trying new things!

  16. I love the way you highlight a certain topic and make it so thought provoking and you always use such great visuals as well. Numbers can have such a graphic appeal in the way you pint out but it is so true that we are more important than numbers. For Asians, number are very important because we have certain numbers that we feel are lucky. Like 3 is good cause it sounds like life and 4 is unlucky cause it sounds like death.
    Thanks for your kindness as always my dear! It's good to be blogging and reading my fave blogs again.

    xo Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. Oh, Is great to learn more about your culture...I'd love to learn even more...please!
      I hope you are feeling better, sweetie!